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Automate your deployment with AWS CodePipeline - Part 3

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    Devin Reeks

Lets configure our CodePipeline and Connect to our Github

Title: Connect Github to AWS CodePipeline

Author: Devin Reeks

Language: English

part 3 summary

The services with the green dots are covered in the previous part and the services with ticks are what we will cover in this part. Navigate to CodePipeline and select "Create Pipeline"

aws codepipeline menu

Ensure your code is versioned in a repository, I chose to use GitHub. I find it kind of interesting that GitLab does not have an integration, but BitBucket does?? ok.

possible source repositories

Follow the steps and connect your repository.

add build stage

In the add build stage, click create project. A window will open:

create stage

Do not restrict the number of concurrent builds. I found that my build step would fail. It seems there is a bit of overlap between pulling the code from the source repository and running the build, and I would have to manually run the build step, which is antithetical to the purpose of this article:- to automate the pipeline.

set build spec file

In the same build window we need to point to the buildspec file we created in part 1. I named mine: "buildspec_release.yml - most of the config is default, however customise to your use case as you see fit.

In the next part we will configure the DocumentDB, secrets manager, application load balancer and target group.